So umm hey i guess? im just gonna be blogging here probably about anime or some gay as fuck ship that i like so yeaah
-Koujaku: There's no BL in this anime, but we have to show our love for Aoba somehow...
-Mink: I glared at him
-Ren: Our foreheads brushed together affectionately in a sincere moment and I called him baby
-Clear: AH, I got to carry master to safety and speak to him! He even kicked me~
-Koujaku: That's nothing, I got to go to his house, see his sleeping face, eat delicious food with him and almost touch his hair
-Noiz: I kissed him
-Koujaku: ...
-Noiz: ...
-Koujaku: you fuCKING PIECE OF SHIT-


person: Pokemon is such a childish game, why are you playing it?



me: image

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